Society of American Magicians
Assembly 205 - Rochester, Minnesota
The Rochester Mystic 13, Inc.

Mystic 13 Meeting Minutes

The Mystic 13 usually meets on the last Thursday of the month at 7pm at the Rochester Assembly of God located at 4240 18th Ave NW in Rochester, MN.

Members can access Meeting Minutes on the forum.

Happy Birthday, Houdini

March 24, 2011: 205 Rochester MN- The theme for the evening is birthday party magic “Sin Gee” Brent Coggins opened the magic portion of the evening with the opening routine he uses for his birthday party shows. It is a fast paced very energetic routine. He starts with a miss-made thank you silk and a little fire. He thanks the host for inviting him to the party and called for a volunteer. Sin Gee then made the audience disappear from in front of the volunteer's eyes by putting a very large change bag over his head. Then he went into a routine using a a multitude of magic wands. a multiple wands. One wand turned into a toilet plunger. Another wand turned into a broom. He used multiplying wands and a fishing pole as he tried to magically fix the silk inside the change bag. Inside the change bag he found a ten foot straw and a really long hair.... I mean hare before he was finally able to fix the words on the miss made silk. And then he made the silk disappear.

Joe Swicklik performed a tribute magic trick to Harry Houdini using a form of the out to lunch principal with a business card he had made on his computer. The card had a locked lock on it. A volunteer signed the card. Joe did a bit with a haunted key after which the signed business card was turned over to show that now the lock was unlocked. He a friend told him about the trick. It was a very fun trick to watch.

Joe then performed Jay Scott Berry's the cloaking device. It is a trick he does in almost all his birthday party shows. Greg Chalmers followed this with a part of his undercover balloon ninja routine for Birthday parties. He had two volunteers come forward to help. He gave each volunteer a chance to try and break a 260 balloon with a Karate chop. Both volunteers failed. Greg, however did not he broke the balloon using the secret skills of the deadly balloon assassins. He then did a mind reading act using balloons. He followed this by Making a balloon elephant and then making the elephant disappear. Okay so he popped the balloon. He then picked up all the pieces and placed them in a bag and using the balloon pump magically restored the little balloon elephant. This concluded the magic for the evening.

On Fire and Getting Caught Up in Magic

January 27, 2011: 205 Rochester MN-Singee Brent Coggins opened our evening of magic with a moving faith based version of the pain game for the gospel act he is building. His approach as well as the mood he set with his choice of props and the delivery of his well chosen words hit the mark. Joe Swicklik shared with us a new and inventive card trick he is working on. The whole deck of cards changed before our very eyes. Then they changed back.

Greg Chalmers taught the club how to perform threading the needle.  Ben Domask and Joe Swicklik shared some coin moves and concepts and conditioning for slight of hand work.  Dylan Weese performed a trick with a ten dollar bill and one dollar. He rolled the two bills together and when he unrolled them they had switched places.  He followed the trick up with a tutorial explaining how to perform the trick.  Joe Swicklik public thanked Brent Coggins for teaching him the pen thru the dollar trick.

Greg Chalmers the club clown shared two of his tricks with the club. In the first trick he played a game of go fish. The audience selected a card from the go fish deck. The card was returned to the deck and Greg attempted to find the card each time he found the wrong card the audience yelled go fish. Then his wand fell apart. The selected card was found attached to one end of the broken wand. The second trick Greg attempted was to do a hand cuff escape. But Greg forgot to bring the cuffs to the meeting. So he made a pair of cuffs out of a balloon and attempted to escape from them. The trick failed, or did it? The balloon popped and when his hands were uncovered he stood trapped in a real pair of handcuffs. This ended our January meeting.

February 24, 2011 - Brent Singee Coggins opened with the version of a ring on the string he uses in his restaurant work. It is a very elegant trick and the magic happens in the spectators hands. The trick led to a discussion about making sure the kids do not have full mouths before asking them to blow on a trick. If you don't your hands may magically be covered with food confetti Ben Domask shared some of his thimble moves.

A member who shall remain unnamed won the award for grossest thimble trick. He ate a thimble, chewed, swallowed and reproduced the restored thimble, um, from below. Joe Swicklik did a quick rubber band routine that included his wedding band but don't tell his wife. She hates when he takes his ring off to do the trick. Joe shared some billet work he has been developing and it fooled us all. Greg Chalmers perform Ray Grismer's loopy. To finish up our evening we all headed outside where Ben Domask finished up the evening with a demonstration of his fire eating skills. He did wonderful performance even though the wind gusted and threatened to ignite Ben's eyebrows.

Holiday party

December 2, 2010: 205 Rochester MN- We held a brief business meeting where we created a Continuing Education Fund to help our members which allows them to explore their own individual interests in magic. We also did a quick critique of the two club shows. We performed one show at an old Vaudeville theater in Austin, Minnesota and the other show was held at the Olde Pine Theater in Pine Island, Minnesota. Both shows were deemed a great success. Joe Swicklick provided well made videos of the performances for each of our members. (Thank you, Joe.) After the business meeting we got into the magic. Joe Swicklik performed a bit of coin magic before producing a glass of water from the sleeve of a borrowed coat. Both routines were a sampling of the restaurant act that he has been performing here in Rochester at Broadway Pizza. Stop by and see him if you are in Rochester on a Monday night. Isaiah Foster performed a fun version of Pea Shoot by Wolf Magic. Upon request Cody Story demonstrated his cups and balls routine for the club. After which we headed to TGI Fridays for our club's holiday party. The club paid for the food, then magic really started flowing. Cody Story performed some out standing linking ring work. Joe Swicklik did a little card magic. Greg Chalmers shared a couple of old Tarbell rope tricks. Other magic was going on, too. The members were performing magic for each other, other patrons, and the restaurant staff. The assistant manager and one of the bartenders were our biggest fans. It was a joyful way to celebrate the season.


June 24, 2010, Sam Assembly 205 Rochester MN met at the Comfort Inn on 5708 Bandel Rd NW. We agreed to make this our regular meeting place. In response to hard economic times our club is sponsoring a new costume and membership dues for a member in need. David Moitzheim, reported on his show at the Pine Island Cheesefest. Brent Coggins announced that he performed a charity show for the local homeless organization. A couple members performed elements they will be doing for our club show. This included mentalism performed by Joe Swicklik and David Moitzheim. Kieth Anthonisen did some beautiful silk work.

Diverse Routines

May 12 2010. Joe Swicklik and David Moitzheim started Assembly 205's evening of magic at the Library in Rochester, MN. Five random members were selected and given a different card. Joe closed his eyes while the five members randomly switched the cards back and forth among themselves.
David played the part of assistant and Joe used his mind reading power or x-ray vision to name the card held by each member. Joe and Dave called their routine the man with the x-ray eyes. Keith Anthonisen, as Merlyin Fu Soo, performed an elegant oriental routine containing multiplying parasols, silks, and linking rings. He ended by producing a chain of silks which he transformed into a giant dragon silk.
Isaiah Foster shared a routine using a stamp collection he acquired in his travels around the world. And he shared some of the strange and magical devices he pick up in his travels. It was an educational and entertaining magical routine with an exotic feel.
Greg “Whozeenie” Chalmers unveiled his new routine. He attempted a balloon to dove routine that failed miserably. He couldn't inflate the balloon, then once inflated it wouldn't pop. He stuck a needle in the balloon. Nothing happened. He beat on it with a hammer and tried a saw with no results. He found a magic wand which finally burst the balloon filling the air with feathers. Lying on the floor was a featherless dove that looked like a small rubber chicken. Whozeenie tried sticking the feathers back on the poor pathetic bird with a band-aid.
Isaiah closed the evening with Devon Knight's Baby gag.

Fire Magic

Fire magic was the theme for the April 2010 meeting of the Rochester Mystic 13.  In hindsight, the fact that we meet at the local public library should have prompted a re-evaluation of that idea – but our members fearlessly pressed on without causing any arson-related catastrophes.
Following a brief business meeting, Isaiah Foster kicked off the magic portion of the program by producing a basketball from a briefcase.  He then demonstrated a Miser’s D-Lite Pro-X.  While technically not ‘fire magic,’ the members were so fascinated by the effect that his thematic faux pas was quickly forgiven.  He finished with the Simplex Salt Pour featured in the April 2010 edition of M-U-M (thanks Dennis Loomis).  Isaiah attempted to save face by arguing that salt is a common fire retardant – and received kudos by all for his broad interpretation.
Our resident pyro-magician, Brent (Sin’Gee’) Coggins was up next demonstrating a tiny portion of his fire-related magic collection.  In all, Sin’Gee’ presented an appearing torch; six different variations of torches to canes; a cane to torch; a flame-to-flower and its reverse effect, flower-to-flame; three different flash wands; three more fire wallets; a flaming business card; and finished off the demonstration by setting his bare palm on fire.  Sin'Gee' truly lives up to his professional billing as: ‘The Magical Entertainer with the Fiery Touch.’
As we vented the room following Sin’Gee’s performance (and formulated our alibis should the library’s fire alarms activate) Joe Swicklik took center stage to demonstrate a Phoenix-From-the-Ashes effect using flash paper and an origami paper Phoenix.  Citing a strong desire to remain in the good graces of the Rochester Fire Department, Joe encouraged us to use our imaginations to ‘visualize’ the fire as he changed an un-burnt piece of paper into the legendary bird of resurrection.
Our newest member, Dylan Weese was granted amnesty from the fire magic theme after offering some strategic bribes (he paid his membership dues).  He rounded out the evening by doing a beautiful rope routine and an original card prediction.  He also led an arts-and-crafts session on the construction of Ted Lesley Teleport Envelopes.  Dylan is no stranger to the Mystic 13, being a former member of the club’s SYM group.  It’s wonderful to have him as part of the main Assembly.

Money, Money and Nails

On March 25, 2010, Assembly 205 met at the Rochester Public Library  - the theme for the evening was money magic.
When we start our evening of magic we have a New Board Member, Joe Swicklick, and we have selected new officers for the year.  David Moitzheim did such a good job last year as club president that he retains the title for another term.  Isaiah Foster is Vice President.  Brent Coggins is Treasure and yours truly, Greg Chalmers, is Secretary once again.  After the business stuff is over with we were able to get to the good stuff.  The cry went out "Show me the money!"  Our New Vice President did just that, Isaiah Foster did a delightful presentation of “Everybody’s a Winner.”   Our resident law officer, Greg Skillestead, strayed from the theme, but no one complained.  He performed his version of “No tear paper tear” producing his own personal coloring book.   Joe Swicklick got us back on track asking us “cash or credit” and then he turned a dollar bill into a credit card in plain sight.   Cody Story was going to do some coin magic for us but apparently he spent all but his last dime.  So he did a coin roll with his last dime. Later he confessed he was challenged earlier in the week by another magician to perform such a feat.  He won the challenge.  It was amazing to watch that little dime dance across his large hands.  And then he showed us the trick he spent all his money on, “The Devil’s nail."  He gave a sharp performance that made the audience squirm in their seats as he smashed paper cups one at a time. Under one of those cups waited a nail sticking through a small block of wood ready to pierce his unprotected hand.   He chose wisely and avoided injury.  Good thing too or he would no longer be able to do the coin roll with a dime. I was able to assist David Moitzheim. He shrunk a coin in my hand. I felt it the moment the magic happened. The group let me know it looked as good from where they sat as it did from where I stood.  He let us in on the method, he used “The Raven”.  Greg Skillestead finished the evening up for us after his detour to paper magic he decided to give us some money.  Well, money magic anyway, he did a very solid “Scotch and Soda” routine for us.



Rochester, MN-On the twenty-fifth day of February 2010, Assembly 205, the Rochester Mystic 13, met at the  Rochester Public Library. Cody Story kicked off the evening presenting a lecture and demonstration on a simple way to mark a deck of cards.  Stirring the imaginations of the group with unlimited possibilities for magic routines.  Brent “Singee” Coggins followed by delighting the group with his imaginative routine.  He shared a number of articles with us about the Mystic 13 that he had clipped from newspapers over the years. With a little bit of magic he went back in time and restored the articles into a whole newspaper page.  He later confessed that he used the "No tear, paper tear" to accomplish the amazing feat.  Isaiah Foster entranced us with two beautiful illusions.  He performed rubik's cube by Tora.  His next illusion was perfect for a February magic meeting he performed a romantic version of Mikame Craft's heart of gold.  Greg “Whozeenie” Chalmers our resident clown tried to follow a set of instructions to do the classic magic trick of producing a rabbit from a top hat. Unfortunately his instructions where printed out of order.  He finally succeeded in producing a sponge rabbit from a miniature top hat after he did a torn and restored paper routine to get his instructions back in order.  He used the torn and restored mismade message from Bruce Johnson's book Creativity for Entertainers Volume Three. Joe Swicklik finished up the evening by performing a portion of the kids show he has been developing.  He combined elements of Geoff Williams's electrical artlet with a magic light bulb and magic power cord of his own design combined with a touching story about a little boy and his imagination.  Joe used origami to illustrate the story.  It was a beautiful finish to an imaginative fun evening. 


Ropin' Up Some Magic

On January 28, 2010, SAM Assembly 205 held its first meeting of the year at the Rochester Public Library, which will be the club's new regular meeting place. The theme for the evening was rope magic, and our members stepped up to the challenge with some fun and original effects with string and rope.

Our clown-in-residence, Greg 'Whozeenie' Chalmers, kicked off the night as he struggled with the workings of the Professor's Nightmare. He failed miserably and gave up - claiming that ropes did not stretch enough to do the trick. Ever the thinking man's clown, he speculated that balloons would work better because they would stretch more - and they did! His approach stood out as a unique variation on a classic of magic.

Isaiah Foster performed 'Jump Ropes' from Hocus Pocus. He showed two gift bags, a red one containing a red rope, and a white one with a white rope. With a quick snap of his fingers the ropes traded places. After a bit of by-play with the ropes jumping back-and-forth, Isaiah reached into the bags and removed red and white candy-striped ropes - and the bags were completely empty!

Brent 'Sin'Gee' Coggins delighted us with four different rope tricks. He started with 'Clean Cut' and then performed 'Knot a Chance,' revealing a six-dollar bill knotted onto the center of the rope. Brent also shared an out-of-circulation Magic Hands effect 'Long Short,' and ended with 'Quad Ropelets.'

Dylan Weese performed part of his rope routine. It's a very beautiful and elegant combination of 'Fiber Optic,' 'Tabary,' and some of Dylan's original moves. Obviously, the most polished set of the evening.

David Moitzheim shared some of his research on thumb ties and did a demonstration of Bruce Cole's 'Thumb Tie Extraordinary.'

The meeting wrapped up with a DVD review of our 2009 annual show and plans for two more club performances in 2010.


Memory Lane

On July 23rd, Assembly 205, the Mystic 13 took a walk down memory lane and watched some pieces of videos from the club’s past.  During our meeting an unexpected phone call came asking if our we would be interested in hosting a lecture by Geoff Williams. The call came in just after a couple of tardy members arrived an hour late, it was like the caller was some kind of mystic magician who knew. We agreed to sponsor the lecture on August 2nd at 2:00pm at the Trinity Lutheran Church here in Rochester.  Brent Coggins showed us a couple different colored coins from his coin collection.  The coins were locked inside the special plastic cases coin collector use.  Holding a coin housed in its case in each hand he made the coins trade places. Brent announced he would be performing on August 11th at the Gift of Life House.  Whozeenie the Clown (Greg Chalmers) performed some balloon magic. He pierced a bee body balloon with two wooden stakes and  used another balloon as a band-aid to "plug” the holes he created. He ended up with a balloon sculpture of a bee. Whozeenie also performed a card trick where he found the spectators card after a few failed attempts and juggling with the deck of cards.  Whozeenie reported his experience at the 2009 Fellowship of Christian Magicians conference.  


Blown Away

On June 25th, Assembly 205, the Mystic 13 of Rochester Minnesota met in the home of Brent Coggins our club treasure.  Our club president David Moitzheim gave us a sneak peek into the show he was going to be performing on Saturday, June 27th, at the Rochesterfest show called “Rochester Has Talent.”  Our club president has a lot of talent. He performed the perfect square routine and left my mind spinning. Then he performed a book test routine.  It was the best book test I had ever seen.  Our guest, Joe Swicklik, shared with us a dice trick in which he would peel spots off the dice and put them back on. He did a pencil through coin trick that ended up vanishing the coin, he later found the coin in his shoe. Joe finished with a linking safety pin routine. My mind was so blown away by the performances of these two gentlemen I do not remember what anyone else did for magic, their performances were all I could think about.


Practicing for the Show

The May 28, 2009 meeting of the Mystic 13 Assembly 205 met at the home of Brent Coggins. Brent Coggins announced that Sin Gee will be in the Kris Olsen and Friends magic show at 7pm June 13th at the Sheldon Theater in Red Wing. Sin Gee will also be preforming at the Ronald McDonald House in June. After these short announcements we moved right into the magic. Sin Gee presented the ten minutes he is planning to use in our upcoming club show. He opened with a flaming cane, then he presented a multiplying glasses routine, silk to egg, egg with color change to disappearing glass tying all his magic together with an uplifting and motivational message. Keith Anthonisen who carries the stage name Merlyin Fu Soo followed with his segment for the show. Merlyin performed producing parasols, producing silks, mis-made parasol, linking rings, a snap silk production, a production box with giant silk Dragon production, and a silk fountain all with the flavor of the orient. After each performer's presentation a brief explanation and critique took place. It was a very entertaining evening.



On April 23, 2009 Rochester Minnesota Mystic 13 met. It was lovely evening and so moved the meeting outside. The weather was great but the business meeting ran a little long as we discussed updates to the web pages and the upcoming magic show we are planning to present. The secretary's report was submitted with corrections and approved. The treasurer's report was accepted as read. We decided to provide a member's contact page or list page paid members get a detailed listing and discussed listing non active members without the details. We discussed creating two advertising pages one for members in good standing which will be free of charge with a paid membership. The second page of advertising is for non members for a fee of $25 per year. Isiah Foster was confirmed to be a paid member in good standing. It was requested that the members wishing to be in the upcoming show would have a 10 minute routine ready to show at the May meeting. And a request was made to add charitable events to the website calendar. We also kicked around ideas on how to increase traffic to our website. After which we adjourned the business meeting portion to magic portion of our meeting.

We had an auction of magic props donated by a former member of the Mystic 13. The auction included Brent Coggins demonstrating of many of the props being sold. Some of these tricks included the Tenyo “Crystal Clever”, “Trickey Bottles”, and “Hippety Hop Rabbits”. William Story demonstrated how to put a bottle cap into the the bottle it came off of. The highlight of the evening was when David Moitzheim presented Russian roulette type game with his mentalist routine of “Shattered” as he risked his hands against broken bottles hidden under paper bags.



New Board

The Mystic 13 of Rochester MN met on March 26, 2009 at the home Brent Coggins. Brent Coggins was voted in as a Board member. The new board then met and officers were decided upon. The new line up of officers for the Mystic 13 stands as David Moitzheim as President, William Story as Vice President, Brent Coggins as Treasure and Greg Chalmers as Secretary.

SinGee announced that he will be performing at the March of Dimes walk on April 25. We then moved on to the magic performances. Greg Chalmers introduced a new magic mountain man character and routine that contained a very unique form of linking rings combined with a ring on a rope routine. The members of the group responded very positively to the piece and gave very constructive feedback. William Story shared a beautiful piece of coin magic he has been working with that utilized a flip coin. This piece led to a very nice discussion on coin magic techniques. Brent took us on a walk down memory lane when he shared with us an original magic trick that he used to propose to his wife. It is a version of ring on string which has never been published.

David Moitzheim also generously shared some literature from his private library with the group.