Society of American Magicians
Assembly 205 - Rochester, Minnesota
The Rochester Mystic 13, Inc.

Young Magician's Club (Y092)
Just for kids ages 7 to 17

If you have questions about the club feel free to contact us.  Important Note: Parents are required to attend meetings with their child. No child is to attend without parent supervision unless other arrangements have been made in advance & approved by the SYM Leader.
Come check it out!!  If you like what you see, joining the club is easy ...  simply enroll in the Society of Young Magicians (SYM) for $20 annually and pay the $12 local chapter dues.  (That's just $32 per year to be a member.)
Once you've been an SYM member for 3 months, you qualify to earn pins through the SYM Achievement Pin Program.  Applicants for the SYM Pin Program will need to complete an application form.
Other useful information: